Sunday, November 11, 2012

DIY - Recycle YOUR Jewelry Into Fabulous Christmas Gifts!!

On a tight budget and need some new jewelry?  Here's a solution:  Take your broken and/or unloved jewelry, and create fabulous, one of a kind pieces by thinking outside the box!

I LOVED this bracelet a little too much : )  It had an adorable black bow on it and a basic clasp.  The clasp fell off and the bow is gone - boo hoo....

 I cleaned it with an amazing homemade solution I found on Pinterest.

After cleaning it I took it apart.  Here are all the pieces from the bracelet.

My goal was to create 2 pieces of jewelry with what you see here and a couple of extra findings that I had recycled from other pieces, plus some head pins, jump rings and ribbon from my stash. 

I chose to make the earrings first.  The only pieces I used from the bracelet were the rhinestone balls and silver circles.  The rest you see is stuff I had on hand.  If you do not have jewelry findings on hand, they are very easy to find at craft stores or even Walmart.  These basic supplies will cost you about $8 to start (if you already have tools: pliers, round nose pliers) but you will be able to make LOTS of stuff with what you bought : )

Next is the necklace.  I was amazed to find out there was enough chain on my old bracelet to make a 30 inch necklace!  Remember, chain does not have to match!  You can take several old necklaces and create one cool piece from them!   Here are the parts for the necklace.  All but a few jump rings and toggle clasp came from the old bracelet. 

Here are the finished results!  I couldn't resist putting on a black bow!  The bow is just tied on and can be taken off when I want.

I love my new set!!   Give this a try!!  Let me know what you think!


  1. I love that you have been able to do some of this for my mom - means a lot to wear old jewelry in a new way. All of your creations make me feel happy when I wear them. It must be the love you put into them when you make them! ♥

    1. Thank you Nicole!! You guys are two of my biggest fans : ) xo